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Now You Do It, . . . . . Now You Don't

Abraham Maslow's hierarchy, the five levels of human needs, define the fundamental reasons why human beings do or don't do all things.

The 3-Filters(TM)on the other hand, are the mechanisms that process information as it relates to the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of our five levels of human needs. The 3-Filters(TM)provide a framework for understanding how we make decisions, why we take actions or our lack of action, our likes and dislikes, our subconscious priorities and how we communicate and interact with others.

The 3-Filters(TM) are generic in the sense that the definitions and descriptors are the same for all people, or all cultures in all times - regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, background, and the myriad of other issues. The unique blending of the 3-Filters(TM) creates your mental DNA, or what we call your Life Perspective.

The Life Perspective Inventory TM (LPI) provides a snapshot of our 3-Filters(TM) while capturing two important pieces of information. The first is our filter bias and it gives us an indication of how we decide
and what motivates us.

The second piece of information the LPI captures is our role preference in each of three dimensions or environments. Our role preferences indicate what we like to do or are apt to do best in given circumstances. The LPI is a valuable and effective assessment tool.

    Designed to help individuals and teams:
  • Communicate more persuasively - both verbal and written
  • Improve listening and responding skills
  • Build trust and gain respect
  • Tap into the motivation of others
  • Improve training and learning skills
  • Gain support from those resistant to change
  • Be more successful when dealing with individuals or teams
  • Improve personal and professional relationships

As a manager, leader, individual or team member, the LPI provides
you with immediately applicable, insightful information.
Use the LPI for...

Team Building
Customer Service Skills
Planning and Goal Setting
Diversity Issues
Communication Skills
Sales Training
Management Development
Project Management
Training Programs
Building Your Business

With all its depth & breadth the simplicity of the 3-Filters Technology™™ will help us take quantum leaps in our understanding of the human race.

3-Filters Technology(TM)

Pioneer Role Communicator Role Thinker Role
Innovator Role Conductor Role Protector Role
Leader Role Producer Role Manager Role

Designed to Help You Understand Yourself. . .
and Others Better

Most people go through life not ever really understanding their strengths and what they can capiltalize on. On the other hand, they don't always understand their personal challenges that often sabotage their potential success. Your LPI will help you understand both. You too can join the ranks of the tens of thousands, from scores of countries, who have benefited from the 3-Filters TechnologyTM.

To receive a sample of the LPI, Request by email and include your name and email address. It's free, confidential and fascinating.

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